We make this high quality beeswax polish in England by a traditional method in small batches.

The Polish

The principal ingredient is beeswax, often considered to be a by-product of the bees’ honeymaking process. Normally yellow in colour, the shade can vary between pale, creamy yellow and light brown depending on the flowers from which the bees have been taking nectar. To this, a small amount of hard Carnuba wax, obtained from a palm tree native to Brazil, is added to remove the slightly sticky texture and give hardness and durability to the shine. Spirit of turpentine derived from conifer trees carries the wax in a form suitable for application to the furniture. A cheaper petroleum based substitute is often used in inferior polishes. It has neither the same beneficial effect on the wood nor the same evocative smell which combines so well with the honey aroma of beeswax.

A good polish will clean the furniture as well as impart a deep shine so a suitable detergent, in the form of a vegetable soap, is added. It behoves the person applying the polish to use a soft, fine and, above all, clean cloth. The thin layer of polish left on the surface of the furniture is there to be brought up to a brilliant shine whenever the furniture is dusted.


Small Jar - 125ml - £5.00

Large Jar - 450ml - £10.00


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